DCHA By-Laws

                                                Download The By-Laws From The                                                                        Bottom of The Application                          
We have three main rules:
1. Hunt safe and legal.
2. Follow our BY-LAWS.
3. Have fun and harvest some deer.
I consider myself a guest of the land owner. I will conduct myself in a manner so I may be welcomed back. I will obey the rules of safe hunting and will be courteous and firmly insist that others do the same.
     A. Members will go by the laws of the Georgia DNR, our BY-LAWS and all rules and regulations set by the land owners.
     B. Only visitors allowed are children not living with you ages 17 years and younger.
     C. No target practice and NO silencers allowed.
     A. An annual officers meeting will be held once a year prior to the date of the general membership meeting.
     B. An annual meeting for rejoining members including Officers and potential members will be held once a year.
     A. Paid on a yearly basis, checks payable to Douglas County Hunting Association. A new application is required every year.
     B. Fees for returning members are $500.00 due May 1st.
     C. After May 1st. any returning member that has not paid will pay $550.00.
     D. After June 1st. you are considered dropped from the club with no guarantee of being reinstated and will lose your marked hunting spot.
     E. First year memberships will be $550.00 and will not be assessed any late fees.
     F. Membership will include yourself, spouse and children. Children defined as 17 years or younger and living at home. At the age of 18 a separate membership fee is due.
     A. Bucks Must be a Three (3) pointer or better on all leases unless otherwise posted. This is for all Adult Hunters. This means one (1) buck has to be at least a Three (3) pointer and the second has to be Four (4) points or better on one side unless otherwise posted with a three (3) doe limit, giving each member five (5) deer total. An active hunting spouse may also harvest two (2) bucks and three (3) does. A child hunter may kill one (1) buck any size and one (1) doe.
     B. Some properties bucks maybe subject to further antler restrictions. Check the property you are hunting for them. Properties may also limit the kill number.
     C. No hunter shall kill two (2) does during a single sitting. A doe can be killed in a morning hunt and another doe in the afternoon hunt.
     A. Corn is not allowed during Turkey Season.
     B. Salt, bait, protein feed, mineral blocks etc. are permitted as per Georgia regulations.
     A. No small game hunting during deer or turkey season.
     A. Any member at their own expense may create their own food plot and hunt directly over it, do not destroy any pines.
     B. All DCHA planted food plots are available to all members but no member can claim a club food plot as their own hunting spot.
     C.With written and dated permission any member of the DCHA can hunt another member’s personal food plot.
     A. Each hunting tract has a designated area to dump animal waste.
     A. Two permanent/marked spots per paid member including officers below the rank of Vice President. You may have one marked stand on one property and a second marked spot on a second property or both spots on the same property. Unless otherwise posted by the Land Mgr.,with President`s approval.
     B. Spots shall be marked at eye level with DCHA number and current year.
     C. No permanent stands within 150 yards of another members stand. No hunting within 100 feet of the property line.
     D. There is no hunting from another members stand without written and dated permission from the owner of that stand.
     E. No stands shall be permanently nailed, bolted etc. to any trees.
     F. Spouses: Active hunting spouses can have one (1) permanent stand per DCHA rules marked at eye level with spouse’s membership number and current year with an “S” behind number.
     G. Children hunt their parent’s stand only. Remember…. Membership will not exceed three (3) Stands (TOTAL) even if spouse and children hunt.
     H. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!! Do not cut down or run over any Pine Trees.
     I. Any temporary spot you hunt, your stand/blind must be removed at the end of your hunt.
     J. If you are not planing on returning next season remove all signs, ribbons, markers, and stands on your last hunt of the current season.
     K. Any member leaving for any reason has 30 days to remove their stands, after thirty (30) days the stand(s) is considered abandoned and will be auctioned off.
     L. Community stands allowed only on power lines and food plot areas.
     A. All members are required to pin-in and pin-out while hunting on DCHA property.
     B. Put a dot, R number and year on the board to represent your permanent stand/spot. This dot will remain until you change your spot. When you change your spot, white out the old dot and add the new one.
     C. Before hunting for the day pin in on the dot on the proper board. At the end of the hunt remove the pin. THIS WILL BE DONE DAILY. This will also be done for your spouse/child. NO PINNING IN THE NIGHT BEFORE.
     D. When you hunt elsewhere pin in, post number and after your hunt remove pin and number.
     A. Gates will be locked. carry your key with you. No driving around property gates.
     B. Members must have car tag (with current year sticker and member number). Preferably on the dash inside car/truck. This tag and sticker will be furnished by the club. Each year your new sticker will be applied to your previous year tag.
     A. No ATV’s are allowed in the woods except for retrieval of a KILL. This does not apply to any member with a handicap.
     B. No Joy-riding is allowed at any time on club property.
     A. There are designated campsites in each of the following:
Coweta, Haralson, Taliaferro and Whitesburg in Carroll County
Camping must be done in these designated campsites. Please maintain a clean and tidy campsites and be respectful of others. Electricity sites are available in Taliaferro and Whitesburg. Electricity maybe offered in other camps at a later date.
     B. There will be reserved campsites with electricity in each camping area reserved for DCHA officers. All other electric sites will be on a first come (with paid electric) first serve basis. Primitive campsites are available in all four (4) camps.
     C. Campers/Tents can be placed in the campsite two (2) weeks before the opening day of bow season. Electricity is available Labor Day.
     D. Keep camp and hunting property clean and free of litter.
     E. Fires are confined to camp and must be kept in fire barrels.
     F. All guns shall be unloaded and stored in a proper manner.
     G. No sidearms worn in camp.
     H. All Permanent/temporary structures, campers, etc. must be gone within seven (7) days of the end of deer season.
     I. $65.00 will be assessed for any camper/tent using electricity on a yearly basis
     A. A paying member must carry their club and regular ID on them at all times.
     B. Understand that you hunt at your own risk. DCHA, the officers or land owners are not responsible for any accident/damage to personal property.
     C. All deer killed must be posted on the proper kill list. Anyone not listing their deer kills are subject to being dismissed from the club
     D. Workdays/Food Plot Planting days are mandatory. You will be required to attend at least one. Sign in with the officer in charge. Show up and work or be fined $100.00         E. All fines must be paid before you are allowed to return to club property.
     F.  No shooting of dogs. Killing Coyotes is highly recommended.
     G. Returning members have until June 1st to update your stands.
     H. September 1st. is end of pre-season scouting. If additional scouting is needed after September 1st., please check the Pin-In Boards and stay clear of another member’s stand location.
     A. No refund of dues. Exceptions – health conditions/death or moving out of the southeast area of the U.S. Refunds are granted by Club President only.
     A. No Deer Drives of any kind will be allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     A. Any proposed amendments to these By-Laws maybe introduced at any “regular scheduled” members meeting and not on a work day.
     B. Any changes to the By-Laws will be effective in the next year By-Laws. Once By-Laws are set and on the Website for any one season they will not be changed during that season.
     Violations reported to the Board of Directors will be dealt with immediately and maybe in the form of a reprimand, fine, dismissal from the club without refund or asked not to return the next season.

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