The Douglas County Hunting Association was founded in 1968 by James Rutledge as a way for families to have the opportunity to hunt, to enjoy camping, and enjoy the outdoors. The Association has been and remains a family orientated club. A membership includes the person that signed up and if applicable their spouse and minor children (under the age of 18 & living at home).

We currently lease over 3500 acres of land across Georgia, located mainly in the Northern Zone and most are readily accessible from Interstate 20. These Properties/leases are a mixture of timber land and private properties located in Carroll, Coweta, Haralson, Warren, and Taliaferro Counties. Many of our main tracts of land have campsites, but unfortunately, due to the lack of the number of hunters currently in the club, only the Whitesburg and Taliaferro camping area currently offer electrical hookups. The Association is open to the idea of installing power at the other campsites when we see that demand warrants it and finances allow it. Please check out our tracts on the map page for more details.

The Association is governed by a strong set of By-Laws which are Located on this web site. All of the by-laws are voted on by the membership of the club at our annual meeting which is generally held in February or March of each year. All members are sent invitations and are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting. In accordance with our by-laws, we shall abide by the Department of Natural Resource’s Laws concerning hunting too. As hunters, we abide by the game laws as set forth by the State of Georgia. We take the laws seriously. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of a membership and membership dues.Because we are not only hunters but environmentalists, we manage our deer herd. Although none of our leased tracts of land are in a ┬ámandatory antler restricted counties or as also known as Quality Deer Managed (QDM), we have designated several tracts that we have imposed QDM regulations. Because we have done this, we want to allow our members to be able to harvest a trophy buck. Again we believe that we as responsible hunters are doing what is right. If you would like to preserve hunting as a pastime, heritage, and be able to pass that on to your children and/or grandchildren, we would encourage you to contact us. We will be more than happy to talk to you about our organization. There is nothing that we like to talk about more than hunting and our organization. For more information please send an e-mail to Jim Rutledge @ rutman8600@att.net or you may contact him at (770)942-4650.